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Welcome to Utopia

Widely known as a divers paradise

Utopia Beach Club is a family managed beach hotel located on one of the most breathtaking shores of the South Red Sea in Egypt. Built into a tranquil natural setting inside the beautiful remote bay of Ras Allasad it offers something for everyone. Famous for its crystal clear water, picturesque sandy beach and stunning house reef it has become a popular destination for sunbathers, snorkelers and scuba divers alike.
Utopia is a perfect destination for those seeking peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the North Red Sea.

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never write reviews but this place deserves one, from the time we arrived in Marsa Alam airport everything has been great, the hotel, room, food,...

Barbara H - United Kingdom

Great service, you can't beat a full English fry up at 3am delivered directly to your room! Sorry about the mess in the toilet the next day. What...

Gary Goldman - 2 Nights, King Room

I had a fantastic weekend staying at Soho Hotel, I'm already planning my next weekend away here! The staff were all so polite and helped me to lo...

Carlos Patios - 1 Night, Standard Room

A truly outstanding experience! My husband and I had a fabulous 5 nights staying at Soho Hotel, I cannot recommend this hotel enough! And their w...

Sarah Marks - 5 Nights, Luxury Suite

A truly outstanding experience! My husband and I had a fabulous 5 nights staying at Soho Hotel, I cannot recommend this hotel enough! And their w...

Gary Goldman - 2 Nights, King Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-in Normally at 2:00 pm. Email us at info@utopiabeachhotels.com and we can arrange early check-in depending on availibilty

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Sure, We can arrange Airport transportation anytime. Just inform us in advanced 48 hours at least before your arrival. You can email us reservations@utobiabeachhotels.com

Book online today and look forward to a relaxing stay with us

Call Us On 0020 65 33 900 11 or Email reservations@utopiabeachhotels.com

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