Excursions & Attractions

El Quseir Town – sightseeing & shopping


The Utopia shuttle bus service runs to El Quseir town every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon. At a cost of 25 Egyptian pounds per person, guests can explore and wander through our charming historic city’s community, Ottoman fort, souk and bazaars. It may look modest but it has a long history and it’s just a short 15 min drive away.

Port Ghalib – Nightlife


How about a night out at Port Ghalib marina? This brand new development is a 30-minute-drive south of Utopia and is soon to become one of the biggest marinas on the Red Sea with its many bistros, international restaurants, bars and discos. A driving service by limousine and driver can be arranged through reception.

The ancient city of Luxor – Unparalleled History


It’s all too easy to forget that you are only a few hours’ drive from perhaps the most famous capital of the ancient world: Thebes – or Luxor as it has become known in more recent times. If you are an early riser (or even better if you can plan a two-day trip), this excursion is worth the effort. Luxor has so many temples and historic monuments which makes the place virtually to one enormous open-air museum of Pharaonic Egypt. However, the city has also more to offer as you can engage with local Egyptian town life, watch the hustle and bustle of the souks from the comfort of a roadside café, or drift down the Nile in a felucca whilst enjoying the cool breeze of the late afternoon as the sun sets. Excursions can be arranged through your tour operator or via reception.

Camel market at Darau – The ship of the desert


Beyond Aswan is Darau, where an ancient camel market is still held every Tuesday.

Egyptians from every walk of life gather here to trade the ‘Ship of the Desert’ – the workhorse of the Arabic world from olden days right up to the modern age. Tourists should visit this place to catch a glimpse of life as it was 500 years ago, to experience and explore the traditional market scenery, and maybe to walk away with their very own camel.

Cairo – The world in a city


The Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, The Sakkara Pyramids, The Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo, Khan El Khalili Market, Cairo Tower, the Pharonic Village, City Stars shopping mall… Cairo is quite possible one of the most fascinating of all cities in the world. Day and overnight trips can be arranged through your tour operator or via reception.