5 Tips to make the most of your vacation at Marsa Alam

As you ride from the airport to Marsa Alam, gazing out the sparkling blue waters of the Red Sea on one side, at the mountains and vast deserts on the other,you could be thinking that this unique destination only offer a simple choice between swimming or relaxing by the beach or pool.

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Amazing and Interesting Facts about Red Sea

About 30 million years ago, Red Sea was created as a result of the movement of the plates of the earth’s surface.
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El Quseir, Historical Town

Al-Quseir (Arabic, القصير, sometimes romanized as Al Qusair, Al Qusayr, El Quseir, Quseir, Quesir, Qusseir, Qosseir, or Kosseir), is an approximately 5000 year old Egyptian city lying along the Red Sea. Its ancient name was Leucus Limen.
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Interesting facts you might not know about Egypt

There are so many unknown facts about Egypt that many people never heard about it. So here are just a few that would interest you: Read More